Rhinocerosly speaking, you ought to move. Or at least be advised, Jeff the Friendly Rhino may gore you with his piercing melodies or flatten you with his stampeding rhythms.


The sound of Jeff is one of presence, here and now, rather escapism. It is not about dreaming yourself out of orbit, it's about trying to land. A rhinoceros on a kite, calling the control tower.


Jeff the Friendly Rhino is a musical creature that graces on 70s-, 80s-, and 90s- rock and hard rock. With a diet like that, authorities have given him the diagnosis 'post grunge'.


Jeff lives in a Nordic, sometimes-jump-on-the-spot-freezing, skiing-country. Here he likes to do his thinking, contemplating, and philosophizing in front of cozily, fully cranked guitar amps. Now, Jeff isn't much of a dancer, but that, at least, does makes him flap his ears. When Jeff swings his head, back and forth, stomps the beat, the melodies may catch you by surprise. The rhinocerosly stubborn determination to melodize all the words that Jeff has stirred up stomping around in snow and dust, gives the melodies an unexpected twist.


What does Jeff sound like? Firstly, Jeff is pretty obsessed with guitars. Vocally, the biggest  influence and raw model is Chris Cornell. Which to Jeff's dismay, he doesn't sound much like - yet. Others have described Jeff's sound as something with similarities to Pearl Jam, Velvet Revolver, Foo Fighters. Still others hear similarities to Green Day and Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.